Lambris Colonial Wainscot  
Lambris Colonial Wainscot

The beauty and richness of wainscot has not diminished. It is a decorative element that is
becoming more and more popular, and will now be even more widely used when it’s time to
renovate or decorate a room. Until very recently, installing wainscot was not something many
amateur renovators attempted. Happily times have changed, thanks to the Colonial Wainscot
system. With just a few tools and a little patience, it is now possible to complete a whole room
in no time at all.

Colonial Wainscot can be painted to suit any style of interior. In addition, its clever design
means that any wiring along the walls can be concealed. It is even possible to move electrical
outlets around without it showing. To help you understand all the advantages of Colonial
Wainscot, we would like to present the step-by-step procedure for installing several panels.

Colonial Wainscot
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